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The State Health Services are hurting more people than they are helping!

The CPS in Spokane first takes children out of their homes, then burdens parents in recovery, rather than utilize methods that would help parents' recovery, in many of their cases.  I have seen this process when I served as a Guardian ad Litem in Spokane.

It would be far less costly to support parents while they are in the recovery process. This would entail supervision, rather than taking children out of homes, which immediately sets up a costly process of courts, professional services to meet the state's intervention policies, and related trauma to the entire family and community.  Instead, the State would be far more effective in supporting the parent's recovery process and adding a new policy of providing employment.  The parent's current basic-needs living expenses should be paid during the recovery process and they should be provided with meaningful employment at the end of the state's intervention process.  If these type of solutions were applied in Spokane, the troubled parents in our metropolis would not be too scared to seek help from their community when they have become trapped in addictions or other problems resulting from that "low percentage of unemployed workers" that our economic reporters do such a good job reporting on!   CPS must, and in most cases, does contact family members to pick up the children rather than remove them into unfamiliar surroundings.  If the parents are not being arrested (or when they are released from jail); their children could be put under supervision from another family member or designated professional, at their home, or another designated place--with a new policy of unlimited visiting rights of the parents. The children could be taken care of, as with daycare, while the parents are in out-patient treatment programs. Some parents and children can pursue in-patient treatment programs. The State's intervention must also include follow-up support and supervision of whether the family has been able to improve their life.  So many times, CPS and the State, allow disastrous situations to continue for years, because they do not have policies for the end result other than to  terminate parental rights if their treatment programs or intervention skills do not succeed. And all those taxes help only a small percentage of parents in need in our community!  And so it continues, while a new generation of young adults join our metropolis every 20 years!  How about we use methods that work long-term instead?    

 I have used the Spokane Mental Health services off and on for 40 years, and their primary goal is to help individuals "cope" with their symptoms. They "educate" but do not emphasize treating the mental health condition! They have helped, but only because I am in charge of my progress and know what I am doing. For those who have mental or emotional illness and do not have the same control as myself, there is not much hope until the Mental Health System personnel are actually honest with the people they treat and provide safety to those who need it for as long as they need it! 40 years to recover from emotional illness? That's the mental health system of today! With proper care, the symptoms of emotional or mental illness can become minimized so they are not life-threatening, within 1 or 2 years! In our system, a person is helped temporarily and their illness continues on, at times reaching emergency levels of symptoms! So who in the hell knows how to treat mental illness? I do! But do the professionals? That's my question! They have highly paid psychologists and possibly psychotherapists! Do we know how their patients are doing? Do we know when they refer a person to their highly paid psychologists? You should find out how many go through their 18 month outpatient program and actually stay mentally and emotionally healthy for more than a year! Although, their 18 month program is better, it is still limited in the amount of clients who can be helped yearly.

The people of the Spokane Metropolis have the right to know more details about these type of programs that are structured to assist vast numbers of people within our population!  What is the progress of the people who have had some form of State or Public Intervention?  How many more people would we need to assist if we could?  The state of our city is up to those of us who can provide paths of safety and spiritual empowerment within our communities.  People who are already at the front lines of peaceful community living know that only enough actions from groups of goodwill can bring peace to a troubled metropolitan region. Using our existing programs, we need to know the state of affairs in our communities and join together in promoting new practices where needed.  There are so many examples of programs bringing new life to people who had no hope left throughout America and the World.  We can truly chart our course of city living in the present by knowing and sharing our human process of enlightenment. 






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