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The Predictability of Cause & Effect is Worth Knowing!
Who has the best metropolitan strategies for Spokane?
Mainstream Wisdom will lead to a Nonviolent Future!

Wars In which United States is Involved: Where is Peace?


The Best explanation of our monetary resource system!

       Video of the Anonymous "The Humanity Party"

                                  New Mainstream Media

                      Newsbud:  Investigative Journalism

New mainstream for our metropolis

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a civilization where all human beings were treated with respect by society? Study of local news diversity for 2 small cities and 1 metropolitan area.

When you build prisons within your population, living in the city
becomes fraught with violence!

When you build families  into communities, cities
become revitalized!

The future is full of Open Doors!

So many books to read and study!  So much we can learn online that we can use in our personal quests!  Our power as a human being can be improved reading about great teachers from the past, present & future!

Links to Discoveries about our Past, Present & Future!

                             Protesting the Paper Money System


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